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Kerman Mathematics Club As a pioneer lranian company in the field of mathematics education

Kerman Mathematics Club the Knowledge Base Company of Kerman Mathematical Center (KBCKMC), in cooperation with the Pardis Research Group in Technology and Applied Mathematics (PRGTAM), is proud to announce the invention of the Smart Math Desk (SMD) for teaching mathematics at elementary schools which greatly helps the students or teachers in learning. evaluation or teaching of mathematics

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Kerman Mathematics Club

in the field of mathematics education

Description of SMD:
Description of SMD:

The genius SMD is licensed by the Vice President of Technology, and is Science, Research, and encouraged by the head of the mathematics branch of the Iranian Academy of Sciences. It is suitable for teaching all the important elementary mathematical concepts and operations such as digit recognition, place value, addition and subtraction covered in grades 1 to 3.


Design of useful problems; solving arithmetical problems; encouraging students to solve problems; computerizing the mathematics; popularizing mathematical lessons; easy evaluation and record keeping of students; easy tutorial at home by parents;


Each SMD may be used by a pair of students or one student and one teacher. Each user will have a personal kit containing a number of plasticcards one of them acting as a password key and the rest as coins or goods of various values and prices. Two persons at a time can work with a single SMD. Each user will register with his/her personal key and then work with the remaining cards according to the instructions given to them. Different students may use the same SMD at diferent times according to a time schedule. All the information are sent by WiFi to a center and kept in the folders of the corresponding user. Teachers have access to the folders of their own students while the dministrators can make graphs and tables of the results of various students, classes, and teachers for their generalassessments of the school.

Administrative benefits:
Administrative benefits:

Schools can test and improve the knowledge of their teachers and show them the ways to improve their weaknesses. They can also discover new ways of analyzing mathematical problems which are not envisaged by the inventors of the device and report the flaws and weaknesses of the device.


Established 2012

Kerman Mathematics Club
As a pioneer lranian company in the field of mathematics education




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